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What are we the best for?

Everyone is welcome at Die Lams

But, we are proud to say we specialize at hosting events for larger groups.

We boast of a magnificent restaurant with over a hundred seats, a dedicated bar, a guest yard and a pizza basement.

We have been in business for years and know it inside out. When it comes to affordable comfort, Die Lams has you covered.


What we have


    60+ seats. Can be extended up to 120 seats per your needs.

Main conference room

    120+ seats, with projector and microphone too.


    35+ seats, can be used as lounge or as an addition to the restaurant.

Additional conference room

    25-30 seats. Additional smaller conference room with professional projector and white screen.

Guest garden

    40+ seats guest garden connected to the main restaurant.


  Parking space available for large busses, and cars.


   Each room is equipped with toilet and shower.

For the success of your project, more than a few necessities are at your disposal, free of charge!


  Mobile projector & white screen

  Professional printer



  Various office supplies

Additional services per request

  Clothes washing

  Clothes ironing

Getting to Die Lams

  We work with all our guests on personal level. Which means we can do more for you than what we personally offer. Per request we can also organize your travel from / to our place. For these services we use companies we often cooperate with, which means we often get very affordable prices. When requesting transport, please consider informing us minimum 7 days before the day of travel (14 days recommended).